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Greater Bay Area: Will the initiative benefit Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong must build more new offices to benefit from the Greater Bay Area initiative

Denis Ma, January 8, 2019


Hong Kong gets the crowds it wants from building the mega bridge. Oops

Alice Wu, November 19, 2018


Greater Bay Area’s success as a tech hub depends on timely integration to motivate young people

Mike Rowse, November 18, 2018


Hong Kong’s integration with the mainland is a two-way street, and both sides can be more flexible

Ken Chu, November 7, 2018


China’s Silicon Valley rival ‘needs market reforms, not grand plans’

Su Xinqi, October 30, 2018

It’s time to move on the ‘Greater Bay Area’ dream

Alex Lo, October 24, 2018


Xi Jinping tells China’s economic powerhouse to ‘leverage huge opportunity’ of Greater Bay Area

Phoebe Zhang & Matt Ho, October 25, 2018


Young Hongkongers sceptical about city’s integration with mainland China, study finds

Su Xinqi, November 6, 2018


Greater Bay Area plan given thumbs up from private businesses, survey finds

Yujing Liu, October 8, 2018