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Budget prognosis: Healthy or bleak for Hong Kong's future economic growth?

Looking back to the year 2015, did the proposed measures enhance both Hong Kong’s business environment and competitiveness? What could we expect going forward?

This month, our experts give voice to their views about:

  • Allocating fiscal resources to strengthen the emerging industry pillars and improve Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness
  • Implementing measures to boost long-term economic growth in a lukewarm macroeconomic environment
  • Shedding light on the Future Fund to tackle future welfare challenges and structural deficit
  • Stimulating market liquidity by enhancing capital market connectivity between China and Hong Kong  
  • Nurturing talent and training of workers to tackle talent shortage in different industries
  • Easing citizens’ financial burden by curbing the rise in property prices  
  • Proposing initiatives to raise the city’s attractiveness to entice global companies in setting up in Hong Kong