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Setting the scene: Is Hong Kong's aviation hub leading or lagging the regional competition?

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is a premier gateway to and from Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe and mainland China with passenger numbers exceeding 68 million passengers last year – an all-time high. To absorb more planes and passengers, the airport has also opened a new Midfield Concourse but aviation chiefs want to expand the airport to meet fresh demand now and in the future. Although HKIA is continually raising the bar to achieve customer service excellence, product innovation as well as enhancing the passenger experience, there is mounting scepticism and opposition in building a third runway at HKIA.

This month, our experts give voice to their views about:

  • Cementing its status as Asia's major aviation hub to increase Hong Kong’s connectivity, compete for global growth and fend off competition from other major cities’ airports
  • Meeting the growing traffic and passenger demand by adapting and upgrading existing terminal facilities, providing cost reduction solutions and achieving better operational efficiency with airlines
  • Will an expensive third runway be cost efficient to the detriment of airlines and passengers?
  • Reducing aviation emissions to achieve sustainability