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Up-close and personal with the Financial Secretary: 2016 budget and the year ahead

The Honourable John C Tsang, GBM, JP delivered his ninth budget speech against the backdrop of a slowing Hong Kong economy and growing tensions in society earlier this year. Will people’s livelihood continue to suffer because of political stalemate?

Moderated by Denise Tsang, Deputy Hong Kong News Editor of the South China Morning Post, you will learn first-hand perspective on key issues including:

  • What steps can be done to steer the fiscal policy forward?
  • How can Hong Kong re-invent itself in the new economic order?
  • What is the long-term economic vision and positioning for Hong Kong’s future if we want to minimise the reliance on the mainland economy?
  • In the context of nation-wide policies of "One Belt, One Road" and the 13th five-year plan, how should Hong Kong position itself to capitalise on opportunities arising from them?