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Is 2017/18 Hong Kong Budget on track to rejuvenate the city’s economy?

It is no surprise that Hong Kong will have HK$92 billion in budget surplus for 2017/18. But there are surprises on how financial resources were distributed on medium- and longer-term.

How sweet or sour is the budget for Hongkongers and companies?

On 17 March, our experts gave voice on the following questions:

  • Has the proposed budget addressed the city’s deep-seated thorny social issues including the poor and middle class? Does Hong Kong really need sweeteners?
  • Are the proposed budget measures sufficient in alleviating housing problems?
  • Should there be more initiatives to relieve the city’s SMEs financial burden?
  • Should a new tax scheme be introduced (such as GST) to offset foreseeable tax revenue decline caused by an ageing workforce?