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Are CFOs reinventing their roles or their roles are reinventing the CFOs?

CFOs are under increasing pressure to acquire new skills and upgrade existing ones.

However, research shows that many of them do not see clearly the changes undergoing in the finance function and the need it creates for a CFO, who can fulfil the role of strategic advisor to the CEO.

The role is not clearly cut out and much depends on the company’s individual needs, but expectations are high.

Hence, do CFOs need to rethink their roles?

On 17 May, our experts gave voice on their views about:

  • Should CFOs adapt to the complex business environment by taking on non-financial-related responsibilities to future-proof their role?
  • Are CFOs well-equipped to take on new technologies and data analytics to meet future priorities? Isn’t that the COO’s or CTO’s job?
  • Should CFOs be groomed into future-CEOs or it’s best to hire externally?