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Corporate sustainability: More than a fad?

Corporate bosses claim to see the need for businesses to operate in a sustainable way.  But the pressures of delivering profits and dividends to shareholders and meeting customer expectations can make it difficult to embrace the concept and costs associated with corporate sustainability. For some firms, sustainability seems little more than a chance to generate positive PR. What value can sustainability deliver and, in turn, evolve from being a corporate PR exercise to a core part of the business?

On June 12, panel members gave their views on:

  • Is green retail in Hong Kong greenwashed or businesses are acting 100% responsible?  
  • Should green financing be tied to measurable outcomes instead of sustainable initiatives? If so, how should investment products be structured?
  • Does innovation help to solve sustainability challenges or does it just shift emphasis to other areas?
  • What is the role of Hong Kong's policymakers in driving sustainable initiatives? Can we expect more targeted initiatives, such as the Green Charter?